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The Importance of Zinc and Calcium in Our Body Your body is actually a house. Many houses are built with strong concrete. Some are made of wood. Others are composed of ceramics, metals, and steel bars. Whatever type, whatever color, or whatever design, they are all made with the same purpose. Our homes protect us from harsh elements of nature. They are built to last for a lifetime, or at least, for many years. All its parts - the foundations, walls, and roof - make a strong house. A strong house would exempt the homeowner from expenses and inconvenience. The Body Is Like a Structure Humans have different sizes and figures. But we are all made with the same purpose – to harbor the most important thing to us: the person living inside it. And just like houses, we are built to last for decades, even for a hundred years. We have to take care of our bodies. Otherwise, the structure might collapse and endanger the lives of the people living in it. Therefore, it is essential to take good care of the materials by which the structure is built upon. To do so, we should strengthen the foundations and materials. The framework or skeleton is what makes a house strong and unique. It will not have a robust structure without a well-planned framework. Just like houses, our bodies have their own framework, with complete materials to hold the pieces together. Our body has its own framework that gives us a unique figure. The bones or skeletal system is the framework of the body. The muscles also play a large role to give us a definite shape. That is why you can stand and have such a sexy body. The curves of our hips, the length of our legs, and the broadness of our shoulders – the bones and muscles make these all possible. But Houses Can Deteriorate! Yes, houses are built to last and stand to the test of time. Unfortunately, no matter how careful or well-planned they were built, no matter how beautiful they were made, time comes when the parts will start to deteriorate. The framework that had once held the pieces together will soon fall apart. Our bodies will soon start to weaken as we grow older. The concretes will start to form a crack. The foundations will not be as strong as before. Some parts of the system will lose its function. The bones and muscles will start to deteriorate. This is because we will be losing a lot of vitamins and minerals as we go through the aging process. Two of the most important minerals that we lose are Zinc and Calcium. They are like termite-repellent in woods or anti-rust paint in steel. We need both of these minerals to keep our bones strong and maintain its normal shape. How to Prevent It from Falling Apart? It’s impossible to stop your bones from deteriorating as you grow older. The good news, however, is that you can do something about it. You just have to repaint the steel or use more termite repellent. You can restore the structure to its former glory, or at least, gain some strength to make the house last longer. Staying healthy is always the key. Of course, the right dose of vitamins and minerals such as Zinc and Calcium are necessary to keep those bones intact. Proper sleep and exercise are also a great help to strengthen your body’s framework But the problem is that it’s hard and expensive to maintain that kind of lifestyle. You must eat different types of food to maintain a balanced level of Zinc and Calcium in your bones! This is why natural food supplements like Acai Berry Mixed Fruit Drink are created to give people a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals such as Calcium and Zinc, without expensive diet plans and exercise regimen. Acai Berry Mixed Fruit Drink can give you vitamins and minerals like Zinc and Calcium. Plus, it can also provide a lot of other health benefits: • Promotes Heart Health • Stops Bad Cell Proliferation • Aids Weight Loss • Promotes Skin Health • Helps Digestion • Reduces Irritation • Improves Cellular Health • Immune System Booster • Has Anti-Aging Effects • Boosts Energy • Encourages a Healthy Libido • Improves Mental Function Interested? It’s time to try the miraculous creation of Mother Nature itself. All Organic and All Natural! It’s the all-in-one solution to your overall wellness.
Acai Berry Powered by Unified
UNIFIED WELLNESS MY BERRIES. Berry powdered juice drink sweetened with Stevia. Packed with healthy and delicious berries. 🔹Raspberry🔹Cranberry🔹Blueberry🔹Strawberry🔹Goji Berry🔹Acai Berry These are potent antioxidant that help to improve the immune system and aid in neutralizing damaging free radicals in the body. Benefits: ✅Fight deseases ✅Has diuretic detoxifying properties ✅Prevents cancer ✅Relieves high blood pressure ✅May help lower cholesterol ✅Prevents blood clots and eliminate tumors ✅Prevents atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes ✅Boost your energy level
Unified MyBerries Wellness
UNIFIED WELLNESS BuahMerah FOR SALE AND RETAIL Buah Merah is composed of 7 super natural antioxidant that will help fight cancer cells and detoxify toxins. Drink up ka-Unified! Buah Merah · Immune system booster · Reduces the risk of cancer · Controls high blood pressure · Regulates cholesterol levels · Good for the bones · Prevents hepatitis Acai Berry Promotes healthier skin · Aids in weight loss · Improves skin health Promotes Heart Health Has Anti-Aging Effects Encourages a Healthy Libido Barley · Helps control blood sugar levels · Prevents heart disease · Provides antioxidants Mangosteen · Improves digestion · Fights hypertension · Boosts energy · Fights free radicals Moringa · Enhances skin health · Increases energy and endurance · Strengthens the immune system Wheatgrass · Cleanses the blood · Helps purify the liver · Improves digestion · Lowers cholesterol level Guyabano · Prevents Urinary Tract Infections · Keeps the bone healthy · Energy booster · Fights against cancer Stevia · Helps in weight management · Improves energy levels · Strengthens the immune system
Unified Wellness Buah Merah
Unified Products and Services Imus Cavite Barley grass juice ranks high in the category of healthy beverages for its comprehensive multi-nutrient containing an essential whole range of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. These unique multi-nutrient formulas are intended for a targeted purpose to support overall health from vital energy support to immune health, eye health, detoxification and more. Below is following benefits of Barley grass juice: ☑ Boost energy and immunity ☑ Helps detoxify liver ☑ Helps prevent sign of aging ☑ Prevents hypertension and diabetes ☑ Regulates blood pressure Improves good cholesterol levels High in Vitamin C Sharpens memory ☑ Reduces risk of osteoporosis, tumor, and gallstones
Nurture Yourself with Nature – Barley Grass Juice
Unified products and service imus cavite detox juice toxins toxifies burn fats slim slimming cleans colon liver kidney digestive loss weight 4
Unified Wellness Detox
Garcinia Cambogia with dalandan flavor is ideal to promote weight loss. Who doesn’t want to get fit and be slim? Grab a glass of our healthy slimming juice which is fortified with Vitamin C. Garcinia Cambogia slimming juice has L-carnitine that is often taken as a weight loss supplement and Green Tea Extract that burns fats. This is also sweetened with Stevia which is zero-calorie. 🤩 Benefit: ✔ Anti-stress, Anti-anemia, Anti-Aging ✔ Regulates bowel movement, good for digestion, cleanses digestive system ✔ Cleans urinary, circulatory, and digestive system ✔ Maintains normal blood pressure ✔ Neutralizes the damaging effects of free radicals ✔ Revitalize the skin ✔ Improves mineral absorption
Unified Wellness Garcina Cambogia
unified products and services imus cavite artic c fish oil omega 3 We give you the food for your brain and heart. 🤩 Unified Wellness offers Arctic C which offers the ff benefits: ☑ Boost memory ☑ Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels ☑ Reduces inflammation and symptoms of inflammatory diseases ☑ Helps maintain healthy skin ☑ Improves bone health ☑ Boost immune system
Unified Wellness – Arctic C Omega 3,6,9 ( Fish Oil )
Unified Products and services Imus Cavite Absorbent Cee The mother all Vitamins 🤩 is Vitamin C . Unified gives you Absorbent CEE that gives you the following benefits below. 👌🏻 ☑ Strengthens immune system ☑ Improves eyesight ☑ Helps prevent heart disease ☑ Promotes healthy skin ☑ Strengthens teeth, gums and bones ☑ Reduces asthma incidence ☑ Increase body resistance from infectious diseases reseller retailer
Unified Wellness Absorbent Cee
Unified Products and Services Mangosteen Choco 🤩 with Moringa is pure Mangosteen Extract with Moringa sweetened by stevia which is 100% natural, zero calorie sweetener with numerous health benefits. Mangosteen is often famous to as “Queen of Fruit” for its high nutritional value. Besides having delicious tase, it is a rich source of fibers, vitamins, Iron, calcium and potassium and most importantly a great source of Xanthones, the powerful antioxidants which prevents cancer, aging of cells, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and the ff below: ☑ Reduces risk of cancer, inflammation and allergies ☑ Boost immune system ☑ Treats menstrual problems ☑ Reduces risk of stroke ☑ Controls diabetes ☑ Promotes weight loss ☑ Maintains healthy skin ☑ Reduces cholesterol Mangosteen Choco 1 Box/10 sachets SRP @180/BOX
Unified Mangosteen Choco
Unified Products and services Mangosteen Coffee Get the following benefits: Mangosteen ☑ Prevents tumors, arthritis and inflammation ☑ Reduces risk of cancer ☑ Boosts immune system ☑ Helps increase energy and mental clarity Moringa ☑ Maintains sugar levels of the body ☑ Controls blood pressure ☑ Boosts antioxidant level ☑ Treats depression ☑ Helps proper digestion Stevia ☑ Nourishes and protect the bones ☑ Helps prevent cavities and gingivitis Mangosteen Coffee 1 Box/10 Sachet SRP @170/Box
Unified Mangosteen Coffee
unified products and Service Imus cavite prime shape
Unified Wellness Prime Shape
Unified Products and Services Wellness XTRA CHARGE! Unified Wellness is now offering The Xtracharge! - Xtracharge combines all powerful and effective ingredients to boost your sexual drive and performance all day and all night. Each tablet of Xtracharge is packed with five potent ingredients to supercharge your engine till you reach your maximum energy level! Disclaimer: No approved therapeutic claims.
Unified Xtra Charge
Unified Products and Services Beauty Obagi Set The all in one beauty set that take care of your skin 😉 Obagi Set has: ✔ SBF Placenta (Day Cream) – It restores the youthful look on the face and it will keep you from pre mature aging which also protects skin from UV rays damage. (SPF 45) ✔ Rejuvenating Cream – intensely moisturizes and whitens the skin for a smooth and even-toned complexion. ✔ Collagen Night Cream – nourishes the skin and promotes cell regeneration making the skin glow and elastic. ✔ Pore minimizer –gently cleanses the skin; reduces the appearance of pores to be smooth and firm. It is also a powerful tool against acne. ✔ Clarifying solution – unclogs pores and eliminates dead skin cells leaving a naturally clear, healthy-looking skin.
Unified Obagi Set


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